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Deborah Anzinger is inspirational like a warm, sweet strawberry.

You can buy Cook, October 2011 at all large bookstores across Canada and in the USA or you can pre-order it online below.

Seasonal Tips & Kitchen Quotes

If you can teach your sous chefs to enjoy themselves and smile when in the kitchen, you have it made.


Like a strawberry the only fruit with its seeds on the outside, Deborah will fill you with inspiration. She is a Professional Home Economists and author of Cook—You Can Cook Fast, Healthy Meals For Your Family. Check out her Web Site.


Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and are eaten in copious quantities fresh and preserved. Deborah points out we all eat. Knowing how to cook basic, healthy meals empowers us to care for ourselves and take the responsibility for our own health.

Juicy & Fun

Like the joy of biting into a juicy strawberry Deb knows you have to value, have fun and take joy from the time you spend in the kitchen. She says, Plan, Delegate and above all else have Fun.


Strawberries are passionate with their deep aroma, juicy texture and bright red colour. Deb is passionate about sharing kitchen duties. Unite your own personal sous chefs, your spouse, children, and friends. Move back into the kitchen together to increase compassion, competence, confidence, commitment and caring.

Humble & Ordinary

Strawberries though not humble are readily available which makes them ordinary. Deb’s kitchen is ordinary like yours, not many fancy gadgets. She is a housecleaning, dog walking, chauffeuring, busy mom, wife, sister, and friend. Not to mention a working gal with a penchant for fine shoes. She uses a Weekly Menu and Shopping Plan, found on this web site and in her book Cook, to organize herself and decrease stress.

Universal Appeal

Deb created her book Cook—You Can Cook Fast, Healthy Meals For Your Family for her neighbours the Doitall’s. You can download a PDF and read about them. Cook is a tool to keep on your countertop. It provides busy working families with all the recipes and food ideas needed for busy lives. Deb recommends keeping a bowl of strawberries on the countertop too!
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